11 Ways Chatbots Can Help Better User Experience

11 Ways Chatbots Can Help Better User Experience

Lately, chatbots are creating a lot of buzz in the tech world. They are surely not a new business tool, but in the last few years their use have definitely gained momentum.  They are being used for different purposes, but their key purpose involves improving user experience. They are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their clients. Besides, when the chatbots are of high quality, they certainly lead to the improved user experience.Moreover, in a survey done by Oracle it was found that 80% of companies are planning to use chatbots by 2020.

How a Chatbot can help better user experience?

Below are the 11 ways a chatbot can better your user experience

  • Excellent Live Chat

Chatbots allow clients to engage in a lot similar way they would in an online help desk with live client support executives, so clients can engage with chatbots in an effortless way. Also, most of the chatbots use natural language processing method, so they can deliver the most satisfactory response, analyzing the client’s question.

  • 24×7 Client Support

Establishing and retaining a 24×7 customer service department can be challenging. Your support staff will need leaves-but your chatbot won’t. Chatbots provide clients the opportunity to get answers to their questions 24×7, so they won’t feel forced to contact you in your business hours and can get answers to their questions when they feel most convenient and comfortable.

  • Endless Questions, Without Any Chance Of Getting Annoyed Or Frustrated

Unlike your customer support executives, the chatbots don’t mind answering the client’s same question third time in a week. They address problems in a humanly manner with no sass.

  • A Streamlined Experience

To make the purchasing process smoother for the buyer, your chatbot can pop up on your website to provide more information, details or even a promo code. Your clients can also gather information about the shipping, delivery, mode of payment etc. with the help of your chatbot.

  • No More IVR-induced Frustration

Clients find the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems during phone calls to client help desk extremely annoying. These systems are very structured and route the client through each response until it finally reaches its programmed end point. A chatbot, on the other hand, provides a more streamlined experience by making customers feel that they are being heard and understood.

  • Clients Feel Less Stressed

In a survey conducted on 2000+ respondents, it was found that 94% fear to contact client support. In the same survey it was found that at least 70% of the people would use chatbots to get answers to their questions.

  • Personifies Your Label

The chatbots are highly flexible which allows them to engage with users on various levels. They can act as source for sales information, account management and technical support. Besides, they can be programmed with an array of conversational styles, form helpful to humorous to precise and technical. These various personalities will help in better end user engagement.

  • Bid A Good Bye To Typical Client Forms

In order to collect client’s information, you ask them to fill typical forms. But, they are time-consuming and unexciting. But, chatbots make this whole process of collecting customer’s information interesting and involving.

  • Immediate Resolution To Client Problems

Unlike typical customer support desks, chatbots don’t ask your customers to hold the line while executives transfer it to the senior professionals or look for the answer in their database. They immediately and efficiently solve client issues.

  • Saves Customers’ Time

The chatbots can be effortlessly integrated into the website or mobile app of the company, which save the customer the time and hassle of looking the brand’s online resources for the answers they need. Clients can easily connect with your brand without any trouble.

  • Personalizes The Customer’s Journey

Advanced chatbots work to understand a user over a time period, learn the typical trend of the individual’s requests and make first-contact resolution better. The chatbots are designed to build a relationship with users based on an understanding of their requirements instead of providing a generalized response.

So, if you have been looking for ways to improve your user experience then now you know what needs to be done and how. To know more about chatbots or how your brand can benefit from a high-quality chatbot, feel free to contact us.

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