3 New Features are Added to LinkedIn Company Pages

3 New Features are Added to LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn add new features to company pages in order to assist business in staying connected with their audience.

The purpose of adding these new features to company pages is to address the challenges created by the COVID-19 and new normal of remote working. In a survey it was found that professionals everywhere are feeling less connected to their teammates, leaders and even friends.

With a huge number of firms announcing work from home until 2021 for all their employees, it is very important for companies to act and ensure their employee thrive even in a virtual work environment.

New features are added with the intention to strengthen the connection between businesses and their customers.

The updates are implements in order to assist page admins get more details about their followers, highlight upcoming events and connect their employees.

Let us discuss about all the new features in detail:

See all your followers

With this new “view page followers” feature you can see the individual people who are following your page. The feature of seeing all your followers of LinkedIn page has been missing until now. Previously, a page admin could only see their aggregate number of followers and their general demographics. Also, previously there was no information available to better understand the follower, but now you can access all their publicly available information. Even you can sort your followers by location, industry and current company.

“My Company” Tab

This new tab is a space assigned for employees where everyone can engage with one another, celebrate milestones and even stay connected when working remotely. Some of the key features of “My Company” tab are:

Recommendations to connect with people you may know at your organization.

Trending posts from coworkers.

Highlighting employee achievements (anniversaries, promotions, new hires etc.).

“Events” Tab.

Virtual events are the way of the present and even the future at least till the time pandemic lasts. But discovering virtual events is not easy as discovering in-person events, so this new “Events” tab is added that will automatically pull in a view of your page’s past, present and upcoming events on LinkedIn. This new tab is on the left side navigation menu of LinkedIn page, making it easy for people to find all the events your organization is a part of.

So, start exploring all new LinkedIn features.

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