5 App Store Optimization Tips To Increase App Downloads

5 App Store Optimization Tips To Increase App Downloads

App Store Optimization or ASO, as name suggests is a practice of optimizing mobile applications to boost the number of downloads and finally getting a high rank on reputed lists for apps in your targeted area. It is similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a technique used to optimize websites to make them rank higher on the search engines.

Why ASO is important?

There are a variety of app stores, and on each store millions of apps are available to choose from. Ensuring that your mobile app is getting a priority over your competitor, is a huge step forward and ensures that organic downloads will keep coming. Unfortunately, ASO (App Store Optimization) can be missed, due to the lengthy and demanding preparations of pre-launch and post-launch events.

Beloware 5 ASO tips that will help you ensure that your mobile gets organic downloads and is a top choice for users.

  • Choose the right app category

Choosing the correct app category for your new mobile application is important to ensure that is available for the targeted audience at the right place, which in turn will ensure the success of the app. Don’t forget to thoroughly study the market to choose a category for ensuring improved rankings over time.

  • Use HD screenshots

The purpose of screenshots is to create a great first impression and to work as the visuals that your app will be remembered by. When adding screenshots you must keep in mind that for an Android app you can add up to 8 screenshots and 5 screenshots of iOS. If you have any doubts or confusions about the screenshot, then you can refer the detailed guidelines of Google and Apple that they have created only for this situation.

  • Use maximum keywords

When it comes to maximizing your keywords, App Store and Google Play have different optimization techniques. In case of App Store, the character keyword field is of 100 characters. These 100 characters include the title of your app along with all the keywords you want to include. This assists in determining where your app will show up based on what users are looking for at any particular time. On the other hand, the Google Play Store doesn’t use keywords and in fact scans your app and the description, therefore you are provided with 4000 characters that can be used to describe it in your user’s easy to understand language.

  • A descriptive title is a must

When creating a descriptive title for your mobile application, it is important to focus on the keywords that can create a perfect first impression on your users. You can use more “tough” words in the title to make it look different than the description or this way you can also maximize the keywords of your app.

By following above mentioned ASO (App Store Optimization) tips and tricks, you can optimize your app from several aspects.

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