About Us

Prefme Matrix
Exploring The Unexplored !

Prefme Matrix is an innovative mobile app and web development company, promoted by a dynamic team of knowledgeable business leaders. With our out-of-the-box and customized solutions we aim to fill the gap present in current approach or solutions available to deal with real life situations, derived problems or complex business situations.

Prefme Matrix is a dynamic young-spirited venture that aspires to redefine solutions with a collaborative effort of innovation, technology and design thinking to inculcate convenience through sustainable software developments. With a design thinking approach, we emphasize on analysing a problem, craft the best possible alternative and deliver a user-friendly solution to it. It could be real life situations, derived problems or complex business situations. Being the troubleshooters with a diversified product portfolio, we hope to make this world a better place to live.


What We Do

At Prefme Matrix we make magic happen. We strive to be a zestful startup that loves to design,
collaborate and recreate out-of-the-box solutions to untouched problems.

Creative Thinking

We aspire to enhance creativity in web solutions by designing breakthrough products.

Problem Solving

We wish to craft easy, convenient and hassle-free software solutions to any problem that is aroused.

Design & Development

We aim to fabricate an array of our own products that serves to an effective design and development.

Redefining What’s Possible

Our software solutions enable simple approaches to deal with complex and tedious everyday issues. Our research team comes up with groundbreaking ideas and our design and development team provides the insight and expertise to bring their ideas to market.

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