Ace your visual content game to get more traffic

Ace your visual content game to get more traffic

Ever been in a spot, while narrating something disgusting or ghastly to people and had them cut you by saying, “Staaapphhh You! I am getting the visuals of it!” Yes, this is how visuals can impact a person’s mind or thoughts. Since the world operates digitally now, even brands need to understand how the art of visual storytelling can change the way a brand catches attention.

Don’t you decide whether or not to eat a dish based on how it looks or how it is presented? The color, the plating, the accouterments, the texture: all play a role in captivating your attention and finally making it to your tummy. Nod if you agree!  The same goes for the content that you pump out and share through your social media pages, website, blogs, emailers, etc. The rise of social media platforms is great for content marketing, and if used correctly the benefits can be manifolds. Well, content marketing is just not limited to text and in fact, should not be just text. Visuals are an integral part of any marketing campaign and hold the power to make or break your audience.

According to the results of a Social Media Examiner study, 37% of marketers agree that Visuals are an important part of the content marketing strategy. Overall online marketing strategy when combined with content and attractive visuals, can actually get you up to six times higher conversion rates than any other marketing approach.

Knowing what makes your brand stand out and how to promote it is paramount. But deciding how to convey, that is where the rules of the digital era come in. The way the audience consumes your content or data is unpredictable hence, your brand should also be ready with a certain amount of elasticity to shift or change at any given point in time. Having said that, captivating visuals is the golden rule to get more traffic on your websites or your social media pages. Mesmerizing photography with suitable filters, videos that go deeper than you ever assumed, shots that are well in sync, typography that pleases your eyes, can you ignore a post that has it all? No, right! So, if your content checks all these boxes then your brand is more likely to have a loyal audience at the same time adding new people to it.

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