Elevate Your Branding Game With These Simple & Easy to Apply Social Media Tricks

Elevate Your Branding Game With These Simple & Easy to Apply Social Media Tricks

The world knows that social media promotions are one of the most opted and widely used methods these days for any type of brand-building activity. Ok! Tell us what do you do if you want to know more about the restaurant that you are thinking of visiting or simply wanting to buy something that you had been meaning to?

Check the reviews or look for their social media pages, right! This not only turns your decision-making stronger but also helps you invest your trust in that particular brand. That’s the power of having a social media presence. Read on with us as we tell you more about how you can leverage social media to attract more customers and retain the ones you have.

1)  Ace Instagram: According to data from Instagram, when compared with other social media platforms, Instagram sees the highest level of engagement which is 4.21%. Imagine how much potential does this platform hold as more than 80 million photos and videos are shared every day here. Instagram is amongst the best platforms to promote visual content to drive traffic to your pages and website. Post content that not only speaks volumes about your brand, but your product, and your ideologies.

2)  Focus on creating easy shareable content: Every brand with a social media presence should by now know the importance of creating mobile-friendly content.  In the first quarter of 2021, 54.8 percent of global website traffic was through using mobile phones, consistently being in the 50 percent bracket since 2017. Being very much a part of this era implies your social media content should be easy to consume but most importantly should be the simplest to share.

3)  Use more plug-ins and buttons on social media: Brands can use various social media plugins for readers for making the content viral. Most of the plugins help readers forward or share content on social media in a much easier way. One of these avenues is to use ‘click to tweet,’ which allows a reader to highlight few select parts of a specific content to share without having to leave the page. Brands should also include social media buttons that easily take the readers to your respective pages without much ado.

4)  Improve SEO: It doesn’t end with just sharing the content. While creating the content it is imperative to up your search engine optimization (SEO) game given the presence of your competitors. Integrating SEO driven content can help in improving your brand’s visibility, generating more leads, strengthening brand’s domain, building connections with the audience, and drive social media traffic.

5)  Research your competitors well:  Knowing about how well your competitors are doing is a tried and tested marketing strategy as it helps you chalk out your own social media strategy. This also gives you a better idea about how a similar audience would react or respond to related social media strategies or plans.

Apart from this, you can also look at creating a proper social media calendar, engaging with your audience regularly, managing the inbox well, know what time of the day audience is more active and a lot more.

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