Facebook Merging Messenger And Instagram Chat- Here’s What All You Need To Know

Facebook Merging Messenger And Instagram Chat- Here’s What All You Need To Know

Recently, the popular photo-sharing platform Instagram started rolling out the option of connecting Instagram DMs with Messenger. This means now you can send messages to your connections on Messenger from Instagram, and vice versa.

FB announced this option in a blog post. The option will be visible to some users on opening the app. If you wish to keep your DMs and Messenger chat separate you can do so. But, if you update the app, you will be able to experience a similar messaging experience as Messenger on Instagram as well. This means Instagram users will be able to experience new features.

New Features Coming to Instagram DM

After the roll out all these features will be a part of Instagram DMs:

  • Cross platform messaging: Effortlessly connect with users across Instagram and Messenger with any of the two apps to send messages and make video calls.
  • Vanish mode: In this chat mode seen messages disappear once they are seen or when the chat is closed.
  • Watch together: Watch videos on Reels, IGTV, Facebook Watch, movies, TV shows etc. with other users in a video call.
  • Custom Emoji reactions: React quickly to messages by creating a shortcut of your favorite emojis.
  • Chat Colors: Chat personalization feature with color gradients.
  • Selfie stickers: This is an interesting way of reacting to messages. A hybrid of selfies, emojis and Boomerangs.
  • Forwarding: You can share content with up to 5 friends or groups at once.
  • Replies: Reply directly to a particular message in your chat.
  • Animated Message Effects: With animated effects you can add visual flair to a message.
  • Message Controls: Easily chose who can and who can’t message you.
  • Improved reporting and blocking updates: Report single message or full conversation. Get proactive blocking suggestions across Messenger and Instagram when you add your accounts in the new Accounts Center.

Apart from these listed features, the feature of controlling who can message you is an important one. Messenger users can now reach you on Instagram even if you don’t have the Messenger app and vice versa. You can see the messages and calls from users from Instagram in the Instagram app. Facebook plans to add more features to connect. Also, as per the FB’s blog post some of the features will be available on Instagram first and arrive on Messenger after that.

The merge will make it simpler for user to use just one of the apps to connect with users on the other platform. Besides, the calls and messages from Instagram to Instagram will be in the Instagram app only.

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