Facebook Pages Redesigned, New Features Added

Facebook Pages Redesigned, New Features Added

Facebook has started to roll out a redesigned page layout with 5 new features added to drive community development and accomplish business goals.

The most noticeable change in the layout of Facebook page is the focus on subscribers as compared to number of likes. Now users can’t see the number of likes a page has received, rather they will see the total subscribers. For page admins, subscribers is surely a more important parameter, as it shows the number of people signed up to get updates about the page.

Another change to the page layout allows users to know who is running it. The bios of page admins are now more accessible.

There are major changes for users. Now let us have a look at the 5 new features for marketers and businesses.

New Features for Facebook pages

Dedicated new feed

For the first time, page admins can now consult a dedicated new feed, different from their personal news feed. Additionally, the news feed for pages will provide new connections like Groups, Pages and public figures. Trending content suggestions will also be shown in the News Feed. Comments from public figures will be shown at the top of the comments section in order to encourage more engagement. This will increase the visibility of the page. Also, users can directly follow the pages from the comments sections.

Simple account switching

Facebook has now made it easier for page managers to navigate between their page and personal profile with a selector. This feature can be accessed from the three line icons at the bottom left of the main navigation bar. On the top of the screen, you will see your page and personal profile, tap either to switch between them.

Better page management tools

FB introduced task-based page-based administrative controls, so now admins can give permissions based on the particular tasks. Admins can now assign different levels of access to manage tasks like messages, activity, content, ads and statistics from the community.

Actionable information

According to Facebook in the new features it also included more actionable information to pages. Facebook claimed, “The updated information will help you understand your audience and how your content is performing”.

Integrity and security features

Facebook has improved its ability to detect unauthorized activity of the platform, like identity theft, spam, sexual, violent and hate messages. Thus, FB will make verifies blue badges more visible, which will help users in easily identifying posts and comments from genuine profiles and pages.

Facebook has only added the features and no functionality is removed other than public accounts. Page mangers will continue to have access to previous posts. So, now when using Facebook try to explore these features for better engagement.

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