Facebook to Limit the Number of Ads

Facebook to Limit the Number of Ads

If you use Facebook ads to promote your business, then this is something that you should know. In February 2021, Facebook will begin restricting the number of ads a page can run. The limits will beaccording to the highest ad spend of a month in the last year. This new initiative announced by the FB works around the number of ads that can be shown by Pages based on their amount spent.

This new update will begin in February 2021 and will be continued for a few months through the summer.

Why this limit?

FB is emphasizing more ad volume doesn’t mean improved performance.Whenever you add anything on the Facebook, you also need to optimize it. Organizations can notice some ad creatives get too less impressions and even find the status stuck in the Learning Phase for a while.

Whenever an ad is shown, the algorithm builds its learnings, but more ads leads to each version getting shown for lesser time. FB stated that 4 in 10 ads never exit the Learning Phase at all. So for a brand it means that you are spending the money but it will take longer to optimize the winners, which means more money spent in the long run.

Volume Limits

All the advertisers will be divided by size into four groups. The size is decided by the page and maximum spend in a particular month. Groups will be made according to the amount spent within the previous year, higher spend means a higher threshold for number of ad creatives that may run.

Largest Pages – Advertising ≥$10Min their max spending month in the last one year. For these 20,000 ads is the limit.

Larger Pages -Advertising <$10M in their max spending month is the last one year. For these 5000 ads is the limit.

Medium to Large Sized Pages – Advertising <$1Min their max spent month in the last one year. For these 1,000 ads is the limit.

Small to Medium Sized Pages – Advertising <$100Kin their max spent month in the last one year.  For these 250 ads is the limit.

Advertisers will be able to see their allotted ad limit through a tool in Ads Manager called Ad Limits per Page. The ad limits are the total of all the ads running at a particular time. This will also include running as well as ads that are under reviews and not live yet.

If you are thinking that you will create a second page to get around this rule, then read this:

  • Both your pages would be competing with each other in the ad auction.
  • There will be 2 separate set of learnings rather than one combined master data set.
  • You will be required to manage multiple pages.
  • So, startplanning your spends and FB ads accordingly to get the maximum benefits.
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