Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained During This Lockdown

Fun Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained During This Lockdown

We are in the lockdown 4.0 and as difficult and boring it seems for us, it is even worst for the kids. They have been more active than us and while we are able to connect with our colleagues, friends and family over chats and video calls, they don’t even have that option.

Besides, the news that we keep discussing around them of the coronavirus positive cases increasing or deaths increasing daily, they may be getting even more restless and clueless of what is happening.

It goes without saying that children are the most vulnerable section of society and being forced to stay indoors is actually taking a toll on their physical and mental well-being. It is, thus more important than ever to keep children engaged and being parents, it is your responsibility to keep them entertained and productive.

Here we are sharing a few activities to keep kids busy during lockdown 4.0:

  • Learn a new language

Learning a new language will benefit your kid in the long run. There are numerous online app that help you in learning new languages. Chose any simple, interactive app that makes learning fun, you can also try online classes.

  • Teach and practice yoga

One of the healthiest and simplest things you can do with your little ones is to teach them yoga and make them practice it daily. Yoga is great for improving overall well-being and keep the mind calm – a necessity during this tough phase. This way you can also team them the importance of good health and cultivate a great habit for their life.

  • Help them explore their inner chef

This lockdown is a wonderful time to teach children some simple dishes that they can make for themselves. This will help them in the future as well. You can also start your own YouTube channel or Instagram account to help others too. To start with fireless cooking can be a great option.

  • Spend time doing some art and craft

Children are getting bored at home and are missing their school and friends, so why not let them explore their creative side. Simple and easy craft projects can assist your kids sharpen their artistic skills and keep their minds busy doing something creative.

  • Let them practice what they are good at

Don’t force them to do something they don’t want to, instead try finding out what they actually enjoy doing and really good at. Say, some kids are good at writing, while some have exceptional dance moves, while others are melodious singers. So, let them practice what they really love and enjoy doing.

Lockdown doesn’t have to be boring. There are numerous activities that you can plan for your kids which won’t just keep them busy but help them grow.

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