Google Photos To End Free Unlimited Storage In 2021- Know Your Options

Google Photos To End Free Unlimited Storage In 2021- Know Your Options

So, in latest news Google is shutting down its one of the most popular features of its product universe- Google Photo’s free unlimited storage. Google said it will discontinue this service from 1 June 2021. After June 1st, all the photos uploaded will be calculated as per your free data limit of 15 GB. Thankfully, all the pictures uploaded before June 1st, 2021 will still be part of the free unlimited storage option.

Google Photos has over 1 billion users and it hosts more than 4 trillion photos and videos. Almost every week 28 billion pictures and videos are uploaded by the users. Media files you will be uploading will be counted towards your 15GB free data limit, but 80% of users won’t reach that limit for almost a decade.

Compressed images on Google Photos take around 1-4 MB space. So, for 1 GB of your space you can easily upload more than 300 photos. Then, there is Drive and Gmail storage, where you can save lots of your photos. As your photo upload count against your storage limit will start from June 2021, you can regularly keep a check on your photos that what actually you would like to keep. Thankfully, Google said it will also release a new storage management tool for Google Photos in the next year, that will help you in easily clearing up images that are useless for you.

By paying up certain amount you can get more storage. So, if you use multiple devices, you can use Google Photos by paying for extra storage through Google One Subscription. For 100 GB of storage you need to pay $1.99/month (prices may vary according to countries). You can buy up to 2 TB of space. There are other photo saving apps also, like Flickr is a great service for storing photos. You can store 1,000 media items with a 200 MB file limit for photos and a 1 GB file limit for videos. This is a great option if you are only backing up pictures and videos from your phone camera.

You can also go for Pro option by paying $5.99 for a month. Dropbox is another option that you have. It offers 2 TB space for a cost of $9.99/month. The unlimited storage feature of Google Photos was loved by everyone all across world. But, as they say nothing comes for free, so this update.

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