How Hotel Industry is Benefiting From the Mobile Apps

How Hotel Industry is Benefiting From the Mobile Apps

Today, there is an app for everything, from booking your rides to ordering food and medicines to what not. Due to the increased ease and comfort that these apps provide, a smartphone user on an average, uses over 30 apps in a month.

Even you must be using certain apps in your day to day life to carry out your routine tasks. Now, it is difficult to imagine our lives without mobile apps, as they have made everything super smooth and immediately accessible. This is the reason why a smartphone user doesn’t prefer using products that have no mobile apps.

Like most of the industries, the hospitality industry is also accelerating its business with the use of mobile apps. In a survey it was found that travel is one of major mobile app categories for both iOS and Android. All the travelers today have a smartphone, and they want every service at their fingertips.

The hospitality industry is a service industry and it is expected to provide exceptional customer service. And here in this blog post we will discuss how your hotel can benefit from the usage of mobile apps.

Increase occupancy rate with mobile app :

More than 75% of travelers feel their smartphone is the most important travel companion. Most of the guests that check-in in your hotel are usually super tired after long hours of journey and want to get in their room in no time to relax and rest. But they have to go through a tiresome and annoying check-in process. Now, if you have a hotel app, the guests can check-in through their mobiles without waiting at the reception and have a more convenient experience.

And this extraordinary service of your hotel makes them want to visit you again and also recommend your hotel to their family and friends.Do you know 81% of business travelers prefer hotels that use virtual, reception-free check-in process.

Hotel apps are also helpful in assisting guests to order the food from their own rooms. In today’s times when social distancing is a norm, this comes out as an amazing technique to improve revenues as well as customer satisfaction.

Save time and money with mobile apps :

These apps help you in saving not just on the human resource but also assist you in managing your inventory. You can easily understand guests likes and dislikes and accordingly manage your inventory to cut down on items that are not in demand or hardly demanded by your guests. Also, when your guests are able to check-in online, you don’t have to hire staff for your front desk especially for night shifts. Guests can easily check-in online and get access to their rooms with the mobile key.

Increase booking with loyalty program :

With hotel app you can promote your loyalty program and in turn increase bookings. Whenever a guests books a room in your hotel, you can give them fascinating deals through the app and encourage them to use your services more often.

Having a hotel app is the need of the hour and if you are still thinking whether to get one, then you are surely losing out to your competitors.

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