How Memes Changed Social Media

How Memes Changed Social Media

With the internet spreading to all corners of the world, so are the memes. The modern meme is defined as a humorous image that is copied, with slight variations, and quickly shared across the internet. We all love to have a good laugh over memes, but are they actually important and relevant in social media?

Over the years, we’ve learnt one thing, that social media loves visuals. Viewers are able to connect better to visuals over text based content. Even social media algorithms prioritize visual content over text based content.

All memes have different life spans. Some memes rotate around the internet for years, while others have a short but explosive journey. In modern times, memes have become a great source in helping us unwind. They are a free form of entertainment and is always an option when you don’t have enough time to take part in your hobbies.

However, memes can also influence the way we interact with others. Some parts of meme culture have led to ripples in our social fields. Every meme after all, has a creator behind it with an intention for posting a viral message, whether for entertainment or convincing.

So, how exactly does social media and memes influence our society?

Memes work on multiple genres

As the memes culture keeps on growing, so does the complexity around it. Prior to the internet, memes were in the form of poems and catchphrases. Today, memes reference various parts of culture and they come in multiple forms

Easy to participate

With the internet getting cheaper and working on editing softwares getting easier, anyone can participate in this growing culture. You don’t need specialised knowledge or technical abilities to create memes.

Forms social connection

With the whole world joining coming together in the form of memes, creating your own memes is a great way to form social connection. You can get more followers and these social connections can be leveraged in both positive and negative ways.

Like many other online cultures, memes have stayed for the longest and it looks like it’s going to stay for more years to come. Some people love the idea of communicating through memes and some dangerous and harmful.

But the truth is, memes is a great way of communication and they can be used for different purposes. It’s important that we use this power of memes and positive way of communication now and in the future.

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