How Mobile Apps Are Changing Travel & Tourism Industry

How Mobile Apps Are Changing Travel & Tourism Industry

In recent times, technology has revolutionized almost all the industries. Travel & tourism industry is no exception. In a survey it was found that travel-based mobile applications are one of the most downloaded app categories and more than 50% Smartphone users regularly use these apps for their holiday and travel planning.

Gone are the days when people used to hire services of travel agents to make the travel arrangements. With easy accessibility of digital tools, travelers now prefer to plan their own vacations and make the travel arrangements through easy-to-use mobile apps. Travel & Tourism apps have not just improved travel experience of users but also benefited travel and hospitality companies in a big way. This is no secret the partnership between travel industry and technology is strengthening day-by-day.

Below we are listing a few reasons why travel apps became so popular:

  • Launch of smart phones and tablets

Due to constantly increasing demand and cutthroat competition, Smartphone companies have launched reasonable mobiles and tabs. More and more people are downloading and using these apps to get a convenient solution to suffice all their travelling requirements. Travel agents, leaflets, guides and compass are totally replaced by these comprehensive mobile apps that travelers can access from anywhere anytime.

  • Mobile apps improve travel experience of users

Travelers use these apps to book tickets, hotels and getting details about the destination like finding local attractions and food outlets. Also, these apps are helpful in finding reviews about the hotel and destination and sharing their feedback with other travelers. There are apps that give latest information about monuments and buildings you are going to visit.

  • Mobile apps are great marketing tools

Mobile apps allow travel companies to improve their presence and visibility in the highly competitive travel industry. Studies show that businesses that use local platforms and social media to connect with their users are able to improve their expected ROI.Mobile apps allow companies to reach out to millions of users with just a single click and get an edge over competition.

  • Mobile apps help in widening customer base and improving client loyalty

Businesses can attract new clients by providing promotional offers, first-time app offers, occasional discounts and pocket-friendly holiday packages. Loyalty programs providing offers on next booking to loyal customers will guarantee more visits and increased revenue.

  • Apps help in establishing direct communication round the clock around the globe

Mobile apps allow you to stay connected to your guests always. From the browsing history of your user you can know about their expectations, needs and interests.Company can provide tailored holiday offers to their guests as per their requirements and budget. This will also assist in planning future marketing campaigns.

  • Apps reduce paperwork, slash PR price and streamline transactions

Mobile apps give you a chance to go paperless. Soft copies of travel brochures, hotel booking papers and even invoices can cut down tremendously on paperwork. It also reduces resources and machinery cost. This is an ideal solution not only for companies but guests as they have more convenience and peace of mind.

So, overall we can say travel apps are a must have in today’s age and you need to have one, if you don’t want to be left behind in the race.

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