How to Prepare for the Third Wave

How to Prepare for the Third Wave

The second wave of the pandemic hit us hard. It showed us that we were not prepared for it infrastructural and resource-wise. The second wave made us realise, how important it is to prepare well for the third wave. Of course, vaccinating the population is one way to do it, but what more can we do to be ready to fight the third wave. Here are some key points that must be done in order to stop or even reduce the third wave.

  1. Increasing the number of testing facilities

It is important that the testing is done on time so that the affected people can be isolated. So, to get the testing done on the right time, it is important to increases the number of testing facilities. A person is likely to get more tests done, if the testing centre is near his residence. It is also important to have a proper bifurcation on whether the test is free or paid.

  1. People should be advised to seek medical assistance without hesitation.

The government needs to advice people to seek medical assistance even if they feel slightly sick. It has been noticed that people seeking medical help when they feel sick is linked to their economic status. Given that the main symptoms of Covid-19 are fever and cold, people might not visit the doctor, which could lead to an outbreak.

  1. Acknowledge the financial burdens related to Covid-19

One cannot estimate, the financial burden a family can have while a member suffers from Covid-19. The costs involved could go through the roof, given the limited resources that we have. An average Covid-19 hospitalisation case is likely to cost much more than ₹50,000.

  1. Expand the availability of health insurance

Majority of the Covid-19 patients that were hospitalized, did now have a health insurance. Even in those cases, where the patient had insurance, it did not cover the cost of the entire treatment. Expanding the availability of health insurance, will make the people less scared about the financial burdens that they might incur, if they caught the virus.

If we need to control the third wave, we need to start preparing for it, from today. Along with having the correct infrastructure, it is also important, to educate the people on how to win against the virus.

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