How to Recharge Over the Weekend

How to Recharge Over the Weekend

Working from home can be achingly stressful and tiring. With the idea of travelling out the window, the weekend is the only time when we can recharge ourselves. So, here is how you can use the weekend and recharge yourself for another week of office.

Catch Up On Your Sleep

With the daily exhaustion and work related stress, sleep deprivation can be a very real problem. Use the weekend as a good opportunity to catch up on your sleep and so to feel rejuvenated when the new week starts

Limit Your Screen Time

Turn off your communication devices. No mobile, no social media, no chatting. Studies show that prolonged screen time, induces stress, increases anxiety and raises the levels of depression. It is very important to get away from your phone and laptop to completely detox and be ready for the upcoming week. Instead, sit with your family, talk to your friends, read a good book, listen to your favorite music or you could just get some sleep. Find any way that would restore you physically and mentally.

Take It Easy

Use the weekends to slow down a bit. Sit in the balcony and enjoy the weather, read a good book while relaxing, sip on your favorite green tea or chamomile tea, or draw a bath, light some candles or play some soft music.

Work Out

It is difficult to get out of bed and do anything else during the weekend, but exercising would be a great way to reduce stress and also to keep yourself fit. So, a simple workout routine or a peaceful yoga session would go a long way in keeping you fit.

We all wait for the weekend eagerly and plan numerous things and activities we want to do. But, our main plan and objective should be towards reducing stress and planning towards the work of next week.

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