How You Can Bring Your Hospitality Business Back After COVID-19

How You Can Bring Your Hospitality Business Back After COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone’s lives in a significant way. Many governments have put a lockdown on their countries, borders are sealed and all modes of conveyance, including rail traffic, road and air transport, have been suspended, resulting in almost zero hotel occupancies.

The pandemic and lockdowns will also affect the future travel patterns worldwide. The hotel guests after COVID-19 will be more paranoid than ever, thus showing a huge change in guest behavior. Guests would focus more on technology based sanitization practices, touch-free interactions and enhanced safety and hygiene practices when visiting any hotel or resort.

According to a survey report, over 66% of surveyors would prefer internationally branded hotels for their stay. This inclination towards branded hotels is due to reliability on better hygiene practices.

For hotels it is a crucial time for implementing and working towards the new normal post COVID-19. Here we are discussing some easy to implement and practical digital solutions that the hospitality industry can implement to tackle the post COVID-19 world efficiently.

  • Digital keys

It is high time that hotels bid a goodbye to keycardsand opt for mobile key and keyless entry. Keyless entry can be made possible with mobile apps, facial recognition etc. By removing keycards from your system, you can eliminate the possible spread of infection that can happen due to rotation and multiple usage of keycards.

  • Online check-in

Online check-in or contactless check-in is the next big thing in hotel technology. Why to make your already tired guests stand in long queues at the hotel reception and take the pressure of ensuring social distancing while standing in a queue. Give your guests the power of contactless check-ins. It can be done with advanced mobile apps. Contactless check-ins will offer your guests a seamless walk into the hotel and their rooms.

  • Online chat and property information

Having an app where guests can find all the details about your hotel- ranging from types of rooms to additional services to in-room amenities will allow guests to take a proper understanding of your hotel from their phones. From room pictures to online chat with your hotel staff when enabled through an app, it will not only eliminate personal contacts but also help you manage your hotel operations in a more streamlined way. You can also use these apps for payments.

  • Thermal CCTV-cameras

Make sure you gave thermal CCTV cameras installed in your hotel, especially in common areas to monitor the body temperature of your guests to address any issues beforehand.

The times may be difficult today, but by implementing right technology solutions, hospitality industry can ensure that they are prepared for the second innings post COVID-19 and satisfy their guests.

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