How You Can Make Work From Home Easier Amid COVID-19?

How You Can Make Work From Home Easier Amid COVID-19?

As the COVID-19 pandemic affects the world adversely, almost everybody is worried about concerns such as work, business, health, economy, mental balance and much more. The most important thing that you can do right now is do not neglect your physical and mental health.

You can avoid most of the troubles through social distancing and by adopting measures such as staying safe at home, following health guidelines and maintaining required hygiene. But what about work? To keep yourself engaged and productive, now is the time you should start thinking about Work From Home (WFH).

During these challenging times, a number of companies are telling their employees to work from home and not come to office, to prevent the exponential spread of COVID-19. However, working from home and following an office-like schedule can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, there is technology to make work from home easier for you.Let us give you an easy list of useful tools –

  • Slack for collaboration, messaging, voice/video calls, sharing and editing files
  • Basecamp 3 for online project management
  • Zoom for video conferencing
  • Harvest to track time, expenses and work completed
  • Doodle for online surveys, polls and feedbacks
  • G-Suite apps for easy coordination and file sharing

You can also use a number of online resources or enroll to training programs or courses to learn new skills which can usher your professional career. Special programs and courses in IT, Data Science, Arts, Design and more can be easily found out on the internet.

Apart from professional endeavors, make sure you give time to stay updated with what is happening worldwide and stay connected through social media but never over-do it. Keep a work-life balance at home too and relax yourself by indulging into music, creativity, Netflix or anything that gives you peace.

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