Iot Vs M2M: Know The Difference

Iot Vs M2M: Know The Difference

Today a huge percent of our world revolves around machines and robots. The day begins with a alarm clock by the side of our bed to wake us up and then the use of an electrical toothbrush or powered shaver; to the use of coffee maker, heater, toaster and even our car batteries- we are dependent on technology to kick-start our day.

Besides, we must admit that these machines actually make our highly busy and hectic lives a lot more comfortable.

Moreover, a constant work is being done for the development of these machines. Developments being made by M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) are really impressive.These terms are not new to many people today, but they do find these two terms confusing and don’t know the actual difference between the two. To help people get a better understanding of these two terms, here we will be discussing them in brief and how they are different.

Internet of Things

As the name implies IoT has everything to do with the internet. It is a network of physically interconnected devices that exchange data over long distances. Its contribution in the field of construction industry, transportation, agriculture, medicine and industrial revolution is remarkable.

IoT assists in connecting the different engineering offices of a factory to its branches, introducing more comfort and ease of operations, by allowing you to operate the machineries and devices located in different locations miles away from you from a single factory location.With IoT, being miles away from different branches of your office is not at all an issue.You can manage it all with just a click. With the development of IoT sensors monitoring machines have become very efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, these sensors can ensure the product’s quality control, thus eliminating the slow humanly checks of each machine.

Machine 2 Machine

Machine 2 Machine, on the other hand, is a completely different deal. As name suggests it is more like a machine to machine connection but with same promises as the Internet of Things. M2M unlike IoT doesn’t work on such a huge scale. With M2M it is not feasible to operate a factory plant with just a click from miles away. However, that doesn’t mean that M2M is of not good use to industries; it provides you with an exemplary integrated network formed between the manufacturers and their machines. For example, M2M tools give manufactures the benefit of getting alerts from the machines in operation that they are in need of servicing and furthermore, can look for the apt device and order it online.You can take it as an equipment telling itself that what’s wrong with it and how it can be improved.

Difference between M2M and IoT

Even though the two are not very much different, however on the basic level there is a lot of difference. IoT is more software based and M2M is more hardware based. IoT focuses on integrating huge systems together, whereas M2M is committed towards the maintenance level.

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