Learn How You Can Improve Mobile App Security

Learn How You Can Improve Mobile App Security

This may sound surprising but 93% of apps contain some type of security issues or flaws. In an effort to improve the user-experience and features, the security of the app is usually ignored by the app developers. To make sure that the hackers and other such people don’t attack your app in any way, you must follow a structured method.

Many developers feel that security is something to take care of once the app is finished but in reality, it is something to keep in mind from the start.

Common mobile app security issues

Some of the common mobile app security issues include poor authorization, unplanned data leakage, broken cryptography and inappropriate handling of sessions. Out of all these issues, the most common is data leakage because of storage of app data in insecure locations. The main reason is the storage of data in a location that is accessible by other apps. The issue of inappropriate handling of sessions is commonly seen in ecommerce apps. The developers allow long sessions to decrease delays due to buying process.

How to reduce mobile app security issues

By following the correct set of strategies, one can easily protect a mobile app from such security issues. Below are a few strategies to attain this:

  • Make sure that the libraries are updated

Libraries is one of the common elements prone to attacks. Longer the length of the code, higher the risk. When developing your mobile app, use only the latest versions of libraries with updated changes and improvements to avoid security breaches.

  • Keep local data encrypted

The hackers generally target data stored by the apps on mobile devices. Thus, it becomes necessary to encrypt the locally stored data. Many developers use file-level encryption for encrypting at-rest data. The apps should be designed in a manner that sensitive data like passwords and credit card details are not sored directly on the device.

  • Pay close attention to APIs

API or Application Programming Interface allows mobile apps to interact with each other. TheAPIs are at risk of getting attacked by hackers, therefore securing them should be a priority. By using authorized APIs in the app code you can avoid such risks. Every app must receive an APIkey to interact or modify with the platform you are working on. You can also use API gateway to improve the security.

  • Use secure network connections

Network connections can’t be ignored when talking about mobile app security. By keeping secure servers and cloud servers that are accessed by APIs, you can avoid unauthorized access. You can also add additional layer of security by encrypting databased through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), VPN (Virtual Private Network) or TLS (Transport Layer Security).

By applying all the above strategies you can ensure that no hacker penetrates your app. Besides, implementing these strategies is very easy and quick.

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