Learn to Use Emojis in Email Subject Line to Maximize Campaign Results

Learn to Use Emojis in Email Subject Line to Maximize Campaign Results

Use of emoji has increased significantly in the past few years, leading to their use in email subject lines. Emojis became mainstream and it was expected they would eventually find their way into email marketing.

In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the pros and cons of subject line emojis and how you can use emojis in email subject lines to improve open rates and in tun overall conversions and sales.

Reasons to use emojis in email subject lines?

Making your email look more attractive is not the only reason to include emoji in the subject line. Here we are listing a few more benefits:

  • Assist in conveying what words can’t

Sometimes, it is difficult to put emotions in your words. Have a look at below example:

“This is so exciting.” – The period is not able to convey too much excitement. What do you think?

“This is so exciting!”- The exclamation made it slightly better.

“THIS IS SO EXCITING!” – This is giving some vibes, but sadly spam-filters are sensitive to all-caps.

“This is so exciting! 😁” – Perfect. Now the emotion is expressed without triggering spam-filters.

The sentiment of all the messages are same, still the feelings conveyed are different. With emojis you can easily make the emails look exciting and intriguing.

  • They add personality to your brand

21st century consumers respond better to personalized, subtle messages. By adding emojis in your email marketing strategy you can humanize your brand, adding identity and personality to it.

Things to keep in mind when adding emojis in your email subject line

  • Avoid overusing them

If you will put an emoji after every word in your email subject line, your recipients will probably get annoyed. Emojis add value to subject lines as they catch attention and are unique, but overdoing it can make your email look like a spam. So, it is recommended to use 1 or 2 per subject line and that too strategically.

  • They should serve a purpose

Whether you are using emojis to emphasize a message or substitute words or phrases, they should have a purpose. In short, there should be no room for misinterpretation. Emoji should be relevant to your message. Don’t just stuff them in your email subject line to make it look catchy.

Go ahead and try email marketing with emojis

Subject line emojis are surely a trend but not apt for all brands. First optimize your email content and the subject then try including relevant emojis to amplify your message and open rates. Yes, this may sound strange but emoji in the subject line showed 29% increase in unique open rate and 93% increase in click through rate. So, go ahead and start using emojis in your email campaigns now.

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