Learn To Use Mobile App SEO And ASO For Promoting Your App

Learn To Use Mobile App SEO And ASO For Promoting Your App

With the spread of the World Wide Web and so many effective online marketing strategies, many people are developing and distributing amazing mobile apps.However, this also presents mobile app publishers with cut throat competition. Today, when marketing an app, you have to compete with millions of iOS and Android mobile apps.As a matter of fact, in the competitive mobile app marketplace, getting your app on the App Store is one thing and getting it noticed is another.

In the current scenario, the way mobile app landscape is, you need to have an effective app promotion strategy that combines the most successful mobile app SEO and ASO techniques.

Why include both mobile app SEO and ASO?

SEO as you must be aware, is the process of optimizing your website for search engines, while mobile app ASO is all about optimizing mobile apps for the app stores. It won’t be wrong to say that SEO and ASO are two sides of the same coin. And in order to get the best results, they should be used together.

So, clearly the idea behind mobile app ASO is same as SEO- the higher the ranking of your app in the app store, the more visible it will be to the users.

As the line between mobile and desktop is getting blurrier, app and web marketing is becoming combined. Marketers emphasize on offering unmatched user experience, be it via web or apps. This helps in engaging prospects more effectively, which eventually results in more loyal customers. Thus, mobile app SEO and ASO should be two very important aspects of your app marketing technique.

SEO is the basic of mobile app ASO

Organic SEO should be a vital part of your mobile app ASO. Your mobile app can benefit from many SEO methods. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Keyword research and targeting

It is one of the most complicated and important features of your SEO. Be very careful when choosing the keywords as they are the building blocks of your online presence.

  • Improve your in-app store methods

More than 50% of users find apps via app stores, and not improving your rankings in these channels means you are ignoring an important promotional platform for your app. By focusing on the key aspects of optimization (like meta title, meta description, reviews etc.)  you can improve visibility of your app.

  • Regularly update your app data

The top ranking apps in app stores are generally those that are constantly getting better, like updated technology, new features or great user reviews. By making regular updates you can create a positive brand image and trust among your target audience.

So, go ahead and use these techniques to promote your app and increase your downloads.

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