List of AI Advances We Can See Really Soon

List of AI Advances We Can See Really Soon

Today everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence or AI and why not when we have been constantly seeing some amazing applications of AI in the areas like process automation, image recognition and language processing. In the coming few years, the technology industry will continue to make significant advancements in the ways AI can be used, but the stronger effect will come not from development of apps in future but by the extensive adoption of AIby most of the industries today we interact with on a regular basis.

Almost all the industries will experience this change, but here we are listing some of the industries that will experience tremendous change due to adoption of AI.


Nothing is more universal and personal than healthcare. Everyone interacts with the healthcare system at some point in their life. Artificial Intelligence will change this system completely. For researchers and clinicians, AI will allow them to discover life saving insights, bring new treatments and therapies to market more quickly than ever. For providers, Artificial Intelligence will assist them in improving outcomes, expanding access and ensuring healthier patients. For insurers, AI will help in improving operations, cutting costs and driving efficiency.

Corporates and Hiring

A lot has been already said about how Artificial Intelligence will change the nature of work in the coming times. We believe one of the most dominant ways we will encounter this new relation will be in the people part of work. AI will assist businesses in screening candidates to find the right candidates with the right experience. At the same time, AI will give Managers more time with the complex, in-depth interviews and finally hiring a candidate- to make sure they are making the correct decision.


The driverless vehicles won’t just affect our daily commute, but the complete logistics industry. Today, the way supply chains operate and how trucks, shipping and freight interact are already being changed by IoT. With Artificial Intelligence, this change will be more drastic, assisting businesses be more efficient and flexible. And users will benefit.


You must have heard about self-driving vehicles be it from Tesla or GM. While many people still consider self-driving vehicles to be far from reality, these cars will be seen running on the roads real soon and will surely bring significant change with them.Over 1.3 million deaths were recorded last year due to car accidents, only in the US; most of these took place due to human errors. Self-driving vehicles will drastically limit these deaths.

As more and more industries are accepting AI, we will be seeing its widespread adoption in the near future. Also, it will bring important benefits for people across the globe.

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