Mobile App Design Basics: 5 Common UX Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile App Design Basics: 5 Common UX Mistakes To Avoid

In current competitive mobile app marketplace, it is crucial to stand out with an exceptional and indifferent brand identity through User Experience (UX) design. While most mobile app developers understand the importance of mobile app designs as the major driver for customer conversion, they generally fail to understand how to use UX design effectively to deliver new values.

People generally relate UX to visual design and interface, but, actually there’s a lot more to it than that. There are lots of misconceptions about what UX is and how it is used in the mobile app development process. Here we are listing 5 mobile app UX mistakes to avoid to make customers happy and improve business results.

  • UX is not only UI developer’s responsibility

Not only your UI Developer or designer is responsible for user experience, however it is the responsibility of the whole team. The whole team should have a common vision or goal of the UX that they can achieve together. By involving the entire team you can leverage experience and expertise from everyone to make all product decisions.

  • Not connecting with users

Good UX creates a lasting impression. Many companies have a difficult time when it comes to providing meaning and developing a connection with users. Meaningful solutions have personal significance and resonate with the needs of the users while aligning with their values. Many mobile apps in the market are usable and even pleasing to the eye but they still lack meaning. Before launching an app in the marketplace, ask yourself these questions, “How are you connecting with your user?” “Will it help users in helping them achieve their goal?” Find out what impression you are leaving on your users. This creates all the difference between an app your users keep using and one they delete.

  • Following your competition too closely

What works for your competition might not work for you. So, instead of copying them, learn from them and mix that with your innovation, which will assist you in establishing a competitive edge. By following your competition you fail to offer anything new to your users. With so many apps in the market, it is important to offer innovative, new and valuable features for your users. Always research the market for a stronger experience, but in the end customize it to your platform and audience.

  • Having a highly complicated UI design

Good User Experience doesn’t mean having an intricate, fancy design. Complex UI design can affect the user experience especially when there are too many distractions or complex call-to-actions. Emphasize on more meaningful design that looks elegant and is simple too.

  • Including too many features

Instead of including too many features and elements, understand the strengths of your brand. You can feel overwhelmed on visiting a restaurant serving many types of cuisines as it gives an impression that they can cater to everyone’s needs but at the same time it is disappointing as it puts into question the restaurant’s ability to truly specialize in what they are good at. If your app includes everything for all types of demographics, you won’t please anyone. Focus on finding your unique value proposition in order to have the much essential competitive edge.

These 5 mistakes can wreck projects from maximizing their impact on business results. Also, by overcoming common UX mistakes you can improve flexibility and have an end product that delights your users.

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