Mobile App Development Trends To Follow In 2020

Mobile App Development Trends To Follow In 2020

Technology is growing at an exponential rate and revolutionizing our lives by offering smart solutions to our day to day requirements. Things which were once considered a science fiction are actually present today.

From the launch of the personal computers to smartphones and now the rise of technologies like IoT and AI, technology has been evolving at a rapid pace. Mobile technology is amongst the fastest growing areas of technology.


If you wish to achieve sustainability and growth, you must integrate the latest mobile app development technologies.Mobile apps are constantly improving the user experience by making it easy, quick and effortless.

Mobile app development trends for 2020

As people are getting dependent on mobiles, new trends will evolve.In the coming few years, the mobile app industry will see new advancements. Here we are listing a few expected trends that can be implemented in 2020.

  • Android instant apps

Google launched instant apps in 2016 and since then the user experience with apps has been better. Instant apps work like a website and provide numerous features to suffice the requirements of people with different functionalities. They work as a demo for many applications and are accessible without downloading. Overall, we can say that these apps have functionalities of a website, are smaller in size, offer great user experience and don’t use device memory.

  • Use of blockchain in mobile apps

We often come across the issues of data breaches, clearly indicating towards the exploitation of our personal data. Blockchain based apps can prove helpful to tackle this issue because Blockchain being a distributed ledger makes use of a cryptographic layer to offer data security. Numerous blockchain apps are already present in the market, but in 2020 we are going to see more.

  • AI for smarter apps

AI surely is the most effective way of making apps smarter. Smart assistant like Alexa and Siri are already doing a lot of tasks on voice commands but there is a lot more to AI, that if used efficiently can make mobile apps smarter. For example, AI-enabled chips, automated machine learning etc.

  • Effect of 5G wireless services

Speed is the word that pops up in our head as soon as we read 5G. In 2020, we are going to see 5G in action which will also change the app development industry to a huge extent. The features other than speed that we may see include augmented reality, 3D gaming, data security and a lot more.

  • Popularity of wearable technology

Wearable devices like health trackers, fitness bands, smartwatches etc. have revolutionized the way we use smart devices. Wearable technology has generated a revenue of 33.78 billion dollars by 2019. The wearable devices can be integrated with smartphones and by the end of this year they will become more independent.

So, get ready to see and explore these mobile app trends this year and simplify your life more.

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