Mozilla launches ‘Total Cookie Protection’ for Less Web Tracking

Mozilla launches ‘Total Cookie Protection’ for Less Web Tracking

As part of Mozilla’s war on web tracking, it is adding a new tool to Firefox in order to stop cookies from keeping tabs on you across various websites. The “Total Cookie Protection” feature is included in the latest release of the web browser, along with multiple picture-in-picture views and mainly work by keeping cookies isolated between each site you visit.

Basically, cookies are text files containing small pieces of data that can be used to know your computer. Though their initial purpose was to improve your web browsing experience, they can also be used to keep a track of your online activity without your consent. Google is also working on a plan to stop third party cookie tracking on its Chrome web browser as part of its Privacy Sandbox project, a program that aims to allow personalized ads while controlling individually identifying data.

The new feature of Firefox pares with the network partitioning tool, that was launched recently. This tool works by splitting the Firefox browser cache on a per-website basis to prevent tracking online, it was targeted at blocking more stubborn “super cookies”.  According to Mozilla, these types of cookies are more difficult to block and delete as they are stored in unknown parts of the browser, like HSTS flags, E Tags and Flash storage. Both the tools are available as part of Mozilla’s improved tracking protection suite in “strict mode” on Android and desktop.

In the release note, Mozilla stated, “At Mozilla, we believe you have a right to privacy. You shouldn’t be tracked online. Whether you are checking your bank balance, looking for the best doctor, or shopping for shoes, unscrupulous tracking companies should not be able to track you as you browse the web. For that reason, we are continuously working to harden Firefox against online tracking of our users.”

Other than privacy, the new release also builds on a fan favorite feature by providing multiple picture-in-picture views. This feature will allow you to watch several videos simultaneously. The feature is available on Windows, Linux and Mac.

How to activate ETP strict mode:

Open the Firebox browser, go to a webpage and then click on the shield located on the left of the address bar.

The Firebox Preferences Privacy & Security panel will open when you click on Protection Settings

From there, select ‘strict’ under Enhanced Tracking Protection:

Lastly, click the ‘Reload All Tabs’ button to activate Total Cooking Protection.

So, go now and activate the ETP strict mode to make your browsing experience more safe and secure.

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