Programming Languages To Learn Now To Get A Job In These Difficult Times

Programming Languages To Learn Now To Get A Job In These Difficult Times

Covid-19 has disrupted many people lives. There are many people who have lost their jobs, the internship offers of several interns are no longer valid and even the young students who have recently graduated are having a tough time finding a job.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then instead of worrying about the future, use this time to prepare for a brighter future and invest this time in learning new programming languages that will have a huge demand post-lockdown.

Who needs programming language skills?

Now, programming languages in IT are not just limited to engineering degrees. Several B-schools are also offering MBA Prograammeswhich provides students the option to choose IT as a specialization.

Here we are listing three most in-demand and useful programming languages that can assist you in getting a job easily:

  • Python

It is an open-source programming language, which is comparatively easy to learn. Python has a simple easy-to-use syntax. It is user for developed crucial apps in data science and advanced areas like AI (Artificial Intelligence), and ML (Machine Learning). As compared to other programming languages, it allows you to write software programs in fewer lines of code. Another reason behind increasing popularity of Python is availability of numerous frameworks and libraries. Over World Wide Web you can easily find resources to get started with this language. You can either register yourself for any online course or use detailed tutorials of Python’s official documentation to learn the language.

  • Ruby on Rails

It is a 15-year-old object-oriented programming language. ROR is a dynamic, general-purpose programming language. It is not a preferred choice for backend web app development but for apps that need rapid iterations, it is an ideal choice. Using ROR you can easily writer scalable programs. Code is simpler which makes it easy to learn and understand.

  • R

When it comes to statistical computing and data visualization R is an ideal programming language. It is one the most popular choice for Data Science. It is used by developers for both structured and unstructured data. There are numerous features that set it apart from the other programming languages.As it is vector language, it allows to add functions to a single vector without putting in a loop, making it helpful to carry out complicated calculations.

So, waste no more time thinking about the lost opportunities, use your time effectively to learn new skills and enhance your programming knowledge.

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