Simple And Effective Ways To Stay Sane During This Lockdown

Simple And Effective Ways To Stay Sane During This Lockdown

Not just in India but all across the world everyone is asked to stay inside their homes and follow the lockdown that is put in place for our safety. But, the uncertainty and this extension is somewhere making all of us feel like we are missing out on everything that life has to offer.

There are numerous questions that we all are struggling with in our day to day lives, like when will this end? Will we able to meet our day to day essential requirements? And many more.

But, in order to win this war with COVID-19 we have to follow this lockdown very seriously and stay in our homes until everything becomes normal again. But, in these uncertain and isolation times many people are finding it difficult to keep calm and carry on. If you are also finding these lockdown days very troublesome and depressing then follow the below given simple and effective tips to maintain your sanity and keep your mind busy and productive.

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D

As we can’t go out for a morning walk, we are surely missing our daily dose of Vitamin D. Make sure that you spend sometime on your terraces and in balconies soaking up the Sun. This will also give you access to fresh air and calming blue sky.

Stick to the routine

Sticking to your routine is very important, as it plays a key role in providing meaning and structure to the seemingly endless days at home. Like sticking to your exercising routine and office work will give you something to look forward to. Also, it assists time to pass faster and keeps you committed to your fitness and professional goals.

Stay connected with friends, family and colleagues

Don’t confuse these times of social distancing with social disconnecting. Thanks to internet that you can stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues through WhatsApp, Google Duo, Zoom etc. During this unusual time, life and business must go on, so stay connected and stay sane.

Don’t sit idle

Top tip for staying sane during the lockdown is simple: stay busy. If you always wanted to take up some hobby, but your busy schedule never allowed you to, then this is the time to take them. Hobbies won’t only keep you busy but also happy.

Stay calm and be grateful

It is essential to stay calm during the lockdown to remain sane. You can always look at the negative sides of the story but try looking at the positive and you will surely find more positives to be grateful for and this will certainly help you in staying calm.

So, go ahead and try these simple ways to stay sane and happy during this lockdown. Stay home, stay safe.

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