Single Page Apps: Latest App Trend To Look For In 2020

Single Page Apps: Latest App Trend To Look For In 2020

What is Single Page Application?

The Single Page Application or SPA is one of the latest trends in mobile app development and signifies an approach for the design of a web page that will load quickly on smartphones.

This innovative approach assists in meeting public’s expectations of a mobile experience that is similar to their desktop or laptop experience.

Now, the quality of web design includes the ability of the site to retain a visitor. Long loading time relates to lost revenues. It is just a matter of a second that you miss out on engaging a visitor and he impatiently clicks away without even seeing the website. The SPA improves the user experience by offering immediate responses.

What is a fast-enough website?

If we go by Google’s definition, then it is an amount of time short enough to keep user focused on the experience and doesn’t get distracted by the delay introduced due to the server and browser communication.

Less than 50% of the total population of the world, that owns a smartphone, most will be patient for up to two seconds for a website to load. More than half will leave a slow site after 3 seconds. As per Google, the app download time should be fewer than 2 seconds and once downloaded, the website must respond in less than 100 milliseconds.

What is a Single Page App?

SPA or Single Page Application is a website format having a single HTML file with web functionality and appearance working in the browser and encoded in JavaScript. Examples of Single Page Applications include Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive etc. The code of the app gets loaded once. Web management and rendition are performed on the user-side. When an action is triggered, only new data is communicated to and from the server, the pages neither gets reloaded with new content from server nor does it gets wiped away.

Advantages of SPAs

SPAs offer the look of seamless user experience with simple layouts, smooth navigation, responsiveness to various mobile screen sizes and very limited communications between browser and server.

As there is only one HTML file in the format, the complete content of the site resides in a single location on the client-side. Navigation is lot simpler with no page shuffling or the time associated with the loading of the multiple pages.

Upgrading and debugging is also easier due to the swift load times, especially in the Chrome browser’s inspection function. Besides, sharing Single Page Apps is simpler on social media because of the small number of files to load, allowing more traffic to come to the site.

SPAs have become the latest trend due to their simple structure and smooth navigation. They offer a simple architecture for app developers and present with visually appealing and well-functioning sites. So, if you are considering getting a new site then think about Single Page Application as an option.

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