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Today everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence or AI and why not when we have been constantly seeing some amazing applications of AI in the areas like process automation, image recognition and language processing. In the coming few years, the technology industry will continue to make significant advancements in the ways AI can be used, but the stronger effect will come not from development of apps in future but by the extensive adoption of AI […]

Intelligent solutions are considered as one of the important trends that are capable of “revolutionizing” and making a huge impact across industries. According to industry experts, in future AI will be used by almost all services and apps, making these apps smart and useful mediators between humans and systems. AI will be used in many apps and systems in some way and is expected to become a vital enabler across an array of software systems and services. […]

Lately, chatbots are creating a lot of buzz in the tech world. They are surely not a new business tool, but in the last few years their use have definitely gained momentum.  They are being used for different purposes, but their key purpose involves improving user experience. They are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their clients. Besides, when the chatbots are of high quality, they certainly lead to the improved user experience. […]

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