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Everyday thousands of mobile apps are uploaded on different app stores worldwide. All the app owners want their mobile apps to get super popular on the app store and get millions of downloads and great revenue. Whenever a new mobile app idea comes up, people expect it to be the next big thing in the app world and create all the buzz. But only a few mobile apps manage to get as popular as they were expected to be.


Software testing as name suggests is a procedure to test the software or a web or mobile application to ensure its best quality. This quality check is conducted after an app’s development is complete and is ready for its launch.The software testing techniques involve the process of performing a set of procedures in order to find software bugs (errors or other defects related to functionality or inputs.


Today everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence or AI and why not when we have been constantly seeing some amazing applications of AI in the areas like process automation, image recognition and language processing. In the coming few years, the technology industry will continue to make significant advancements in the ways AI can be used, but the stronger effect will come not from development of apps in future but by the extensive adoption of AI […]

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