The Complete Pre-Launch Checklist For Mobile Applications

The Complete Pre-Launch Checklist For Mobile Applications

Launching an app is no easy feat. It takes months and even years of hardwork, dedication and patience to get the app on the floor. But, before launching any app, there are a few things one needs to keep in mind. So, here they are.

Beta Test Your App: With the competition intensifying day by day, it is important to beta test your app. Beta testing is important because it gives you a real-world experience on how your app would look and feel. Three popular platforms for IOS & Android testing include Test Flight, Test Fairy, and Hockey App.

App Analytics: App analytics will help you to track your user behaviour and measure the performance of the app. Based on the data you receive, you can then make changes to the app which makes more sense to your target audience. You can also evaluate your user behaviour and make the necessary changes in the campaigns.

Pre – Launch Look And Feel: It is important to create a buzz for your app. So, to create a good hype, it is important to create a pre-launch landing page. Create a clean and simple design that showcase’s your app’s screenshots, app features and product launch date.

Video Trailer: Videos are a great way to market your product and launch your app. Videos will help provide a quick overview of your app and will be essential when you require organic downloads.

Uploading On App Store: The app store and play store design plays a big factor in the success of your app. Make sure your landing page design has screenshots and store icon. Your landing page is the most important part of your strategy as it will work as a bridge for all the users

Social Media: Social media is a great way to drive organic growth and engagement for your app. It helps to create a buzz and share information to the public.

Press Kit: It is very important to create a press kit before launching your product. If bloggers and journalist express interest in your product, you can quickly respond with the press kit. It also helps to show that the brand is serious and they really believe in their product.

These factors are important to give your product a perfect push. So, when you are launching a new app, make sure you keep these points in mind.

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