What are Ci/Cd and their Benefits

What are Ci/Cd and their Benefits

CI and CD are acronym for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and are known to noticeably contribute to making the app development process more efficient. Companies that use CI & CD report as much as 20% time saving, which also results in cutting costs of development. This is the reason why IT leads are using it in their firms.

What are CI and CD?

CI is basically a process in which build copies are merged daily or multiple times in a day into a shared code repository. Then with an automated process every integration is verified and checked for errors to identify the root of the problem that needs to be rectified at the earliest in order to keep the development process on the track.

CD on the other hand is the process of regular delivery of the integrated code to production. It assists in ensuring the builds are ready for release or deployment in a single click.

Benefits of CI and CD :

Less issues with code updates

As CI & CD involve the integration of small chunks of code every time, testing the code is simple as compared to huge volume of code in one go in the typical development process. Constant testing is done as soon as small chunks of code are added in the repository, and issues are detected after every addition, allowing developers to resolve the issues easily. CI/CD proves to be helpful in instances where constant communication between the team members is difficult, say in case of huge team sizes and team working remotely.

Better accountability and transparency

With CI/CD it is easier to be updated about the progress of the build, along with the details of the latest test results. So, it is easier for the team to plan their work better because of the clear understanding of the changes that make the build to crash more often, assisting them in working around those changes.

Better test reliability

As smaller chunks are testes, and only particular updates added to the system, testing is done more correctly. The constant merging and releasing of products and features leads to constant testing that enhances quality and improves reliability.

Fault isolation

Restricting the scope of the poor results happening due to an error not just decreases the risk of damage but also enables easier maintenance of systems. With CI/CD fault isolation becomes quickly detectable and easily implementable. As it includes constant monitoring, fault detection and triggering its location, the scope of the bugs in the app is limited. Besides, it can protect against sudden breakdowns and other issues as the fault is separated before it affects the complete system.

Timely release

As issues or bugs are found and rectified faster, releases can be done a lot quickly and frequently. In CI/CD codes are constantly merged, thus it is easier to ensure that the code is constantly in ready to release state.

There are many more benefits of CI/CD, so if you have been thinking about the better and effective ways to make your app production more streamlined, then now you know what needs to be done.

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