Work From Home Tips To Follow During The Lockdown

Work From Home Tips To Follow During The Lockdown

Lately, concerns over COVID-19 have increased tremendously, as a result, lockdown was announced, and thus more and more companies asked employees to work from home. Government ordered businesses to close and citizens to self-quarantine.But, many people around the world find it really difficult, rather impossible to work productively from home. If you are also one such person, who finds it difficult to concentrate or complete tasks from home then this blog post is for you. Here we will be sharing a few tips on how you can easily and efficiently work from home amid COVID-19.

  • Create a cozy working corner in your home

When working from home, people generally fail to understand the importance of having a comfortable, peaceful work desk. If you have plans of working from your couch or bed then surely your efficiency will be impacted. Make sure you chose a nice silent room or corner in your home and set up a work desk where you can focus on your work without much disturbance.

  • Stick to a routine

We get so used to our daily routine that even a slight change can make us feel helpless, frustrated and angry. In order to avoid any such feelings, it is important that you stick to your routine and mimic it as much as possible.Wake up at the same time you usually do, don’t skip the exercise (unless your gym is closed), take shower, have your breakfast and get dresses like you used for a normal day at work. If you will wake up late or not get dressed, then you won’t have a sense of normalcy.

  • Breaks are important

When working from office chit-chats with colleagues, coffee breaks, post lunch walks etc. are part of the daily routine. Don’t skip these breaks when working from home. Taking breaks is important not only to maintain the work efficiency but to give your eyes break from sitting in front of the PC.

  • Don’t work overtime

One of the most common mistakes people do while working from home is of working more. Many do it as they feel they need to show their bosses that are working as efficiently or rather more efficiently from home, while some don’t do what to do with the extra time, thus end up working more.Create a work plan and stick to it.

  • Go for video calls

For some discussions, in-person contact is vital as it helps in better understandability. When working from home, the in-person contact with colleagues vanishes; to avoid any miscommunication and keep in contact with your coworkers you can go for video calls. This will also help you in keeping working from home interesting.

We hope you will find these work from home tips helpful. Stay careful, stay safe.

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