Workplace Safety And Hygiene After COVID-19

Workplace Safety And Hygiene After COVID-19

As almost everywhere gradually the relaxation in restrictions have begun that were in place over the couple of months, it is crucial you follow the hygiene and safety measures to keep yourself and your community safe.

As restrictions begin to ease, many offices and businesses are resuming their usual office routine. This may look like a great relief from monotonous lockdown routine, but it is essential to promote a COVID-safe workplace and comply with regulations and measures to ensure complete workplace health and safety.

With this in mind, it is essential to understand that your return to work will be different. It will include strict social distancing, hygiene policies and a number of other measures to assist keep your team members or staff safe. Continue reading as we share how you can manage the safety and hygiene of your employees as they return to work after COVID-19.

Divide your safety and hygiene plan into two phases:

Phase 1

This phase is before your team returns to the office.

This is the phase, when offices are not yet open, but preparations are going in for partial opening, Make sure you have all the health and safety procedures and measures in place and communicated as required before moving to Phase 2 of the after COVID-19 transition plan. This is to ensure your office space is safe for everyone coming.

Phase 2

This phase is when your team is back in the office.

It is vital to ensure that strict hygiene, workplace screening and social distancing are in place and followed by each and every one strictly. This will ensure that you keep your team safe and are prepared to fight corona.

Introduce workforce screening

It is essential to identify team members who are considered high risk workers and ensure they adhere to all the COVID-19 health advice issued by the WHO or government to stay safe. Workers who are considered in the risk zone are:

  • Have weak immune system or know medical issues
  • Have recently travelled from overseas
  • Are older
  • Have recently been in contact with a corona patient
  • You can ask them to continue working from home for a few more months.

Enforce strict hygiene practices

It is important to introduce strict hygiene practices like:

  • Give hand sanitizer to all your employees. Place a bottle of hand sanitizer in common areas like entrances, meeting rooms, kitchen etc.
  • Give masks to all the team members and change them daily.
  • Put up hygiene protocol posters around the workspace to remind employees that must follow the measures to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Make sure supplies of soaps and tissues are topped up.
  • Reduce the number of physical objects like biometric, work-related documents etc.

Take social distancing very seriously

You need to ensure your team follows to the strict guidelines shared by WHO or government. As an employer, you must ensure that there is 1.5m between persons or 1 person per 4 sq. meters.

  • Avoid large gatherings or group lunches for a few months.
  • Split your teams into different cohorts and schedule different days for them to come to the office.

Review your food and beverage safety measures

It is crucial to review your food and beverage measures, especially if your provide your employees tea, coffee and snacks throughout the day. You can follow below given measures to reduce the risk of cross contamination:

  • Don’t share snacks in bulk, make sure items like nuts, fruits etc. are individually packed.
  • Don’t reuse the utensils especially glasses, cups etc.
  • Gloves must be worn for any food or beverage handling for another individual.


Remember the return to your workspace after pandemic must involve strict processes to ensure safety of your entire team. By following the above-mentioned measures, we can all try to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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